Amore Italiano (2001) from Tuna

This is a new Image Entertainment/Penthouse release. I will let the box give you the plot:

"Italian director Antonio Adamo strikes again in this, his fifth Penthouse/Private collaboration, "Amore Italiano." A prominent manufacturer of perfumes is working to launch a new fragrance. The hunt begins for just the right girl to become the symbol of the campaign-she must possess the exact combination of beauty, daring and sexiness. Once  again, Penthouse/Private brings you a production several cuts above the rest. We smell a winner!"
My version of the plot is somewhat less overwrought. A perfume commercial is to be made, and a lot of models and other people have sex. What plot there is consists of voice-overs during scene transitions, for example:

"I could tell they were excited, and would have sex. I would liked to have had sex with the lovely Gia too, but I had things to do."


see the main commentary
 Then on to another 8 minutes of sex. On the other hand, not expecting the actresses to deliver lines might have been a good choice. The sex scenes are lengthy, which would normally be boring, except that they were hot, they often had more than one going on at a time, and switched between them, and it was not all simulated. Look at the {Embed Image} insert, and you can see that Lynn Stone has her mouth full. The film has the Penthouse look, that is, soft focus. The camera work and lighting, for a change, enhanced the beauty of the actresses. The best news ... no less than 8 women bared their all:

Nikki Anderson
Laura Angel
Lynn Stone
Sophie Evans
Eva Falk
Daniela Ognibene
Sandra Russo
Daniela Rush

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The DVD is literally 75 minutes of good exposure. If you are looking for a poon-and-plot, this is not it, but if you are in the mood for lots of naked women enjoying themselves to non-distracting music, this is a good bet. 

My own guideline: A means the movie is so good it will appeal to you even if you hate the genre. B means the movie is not good enough to win you over if you hate the genre, but is good enough to do so if you have an open mind about this type of film. C means it will only appeal to genre addicts, and has no crossover appeal. D means you'll hate it even if you like the genre. E means that you'll hate it even if you love the genre. F means that the film is not only unappealing across-the-board, but technically inept as well.

Based on this description, this film is a C+. No crossover appeal, but a top notch nudie-cutie.

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