American Gigolo (1980) from Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy; Greg Wroblewski)

For me this movie just doesn't work.

As a murder mystery, it is slow-paced and sloppy. For example, I still don't know what happened to Gere at the end? Did Hutton lie to give him an alibi, or did she simply tell the truth that she had previously agreed not to reveal because her husband was a Senator? When Gere heard the news, he reacted like she had simply told the truth, but that can't be, because in a previous scene Gere tested her by saying something like "can you look at me and be absolutely sure I am innocent?" That question makes no sense if she was with him. So I guess she lied, but it sure is convenient that nobody else can refute her alibi with her real whereabouts that night, since she wasn't really with Gere.

Also, we know that Gere has been framed for a murder committed by another gigolo. But there is a slight problem. We also know that the murder was accidental - the result of rough sex games - so it wasn't premeditated and the murderer didn't know it would happen. But Gere was set up as a patsy two days BEFORE the murder took place.


there was nudity from Michele Drake and Linda Horn

I guess we also see Lauren Hutton's chest since the exposure is so modest and the pan up to her face is smooth.

Richard Gere does a frontal

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How the hell did the murderer Gigolo and his lover-pimp know that Gere would be necessary if they didn't plan to kill anyone? As I said, I'm still confused.

If the uninspiring plot makes it a weak mystery, the lack of flesh also makes it a loser as any kind of a turn-on. There is almost no nudity in a movie about a Gigolo! Well, unless you count Gere's usual exposure of his well-worn pee-pee, which I presume most of you ain't lookin'for. The only think I really liked in the movie was Hector Elizondo as a cynical, real, down-to-earth detective who is more than a bit jealous of Gere's sexual conquests and lifestyle.

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Based on this description, this film is a D-, maybe worse, but I can't rate it E because IMDb comments indicate that hard-core Gere lovers will like it.

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