All Ladies Do It (1992) from Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy; Greg Wroblewski)

This is a Tinto Brass film. Tinto is the stylish softcore director whose films are marked by elegant photography and set design, with always just a hint of vaginal lips. This particular one is kind of a specialty film, in that it has a focus on buttocks, even more than usual for Tinto.

The female star (beautiful, white-faced Claudia Koll) is a married woman, but she has many sexual adventures. Far from keeping it a secret from her husband, she has his tacit approval, and they use her erotic adventures to stimulate their own love life when she recounts them for him in detail.


Softcore porn film. Claudia Koll shows everything including vaginal lips.

Several other women show their stuff in naked dancing, naked swimming, naked showering, modeling, and even sex.

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  • letterboxed 1.5:1 (strange!)

  • no meaningful features

The husband does finally get jealous when Diana has an affair with a poet who is obsesses with buttocks. The husband proceeds to snub Diana's advances, so she seeks release elsewhere. Her adventures get a bit too rough for her tastes, so she returns to her husband.

Tinto's erotic philosophy is jejune, and the forward motion of his plot is often non-existent, but he does manage to do a nice job at combining elegant settings and lovely women.

I think this probably looked very impressive in the cameraman's lens, but the DVD transfer is undersaturated and undercontrasted, and the scenes look like they take place in a steamy shower room even when they don't.

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Based on this description, this film is a C- as a softcore. Probably would be a C or C+ with a good DVD transfer.

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