All I Want (2002) from Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy; Greg Wroblewski)

This film, also known as Try Seventeen, was not released theatrically despite the presence of three marketable names: that Frodo dude, Franka "Runnin' Lola" Potente, and pop star Mandy Moore.

The distributor's lack of confidence was not misplaced.


Franka Potente may or may not be showing a nipple in a dark sex scene. Probably not.

This film is a more-sensitive-than-thou "coming of age" story about an unassertive, intelligent seventeen year old virgin who drops out of his freshman year of college to write The Great American Novel. He's not really ready to write yet because he hasn't had any life experience. He needs to meet colorful, kooky characters. Therefore he takes an apartment in a colorful, kooky building and proceeds to start relating to his neighbors. One of them is Franka, playing a grouchy photographer. Another of his neighbors is a cowboy who teaches ol' Frodo how to shoot a handgun. You haven't lived until you see Elijah Wood wearing a cowboy hat and fanning a revolver.

Miss Moore is generally irritating, and the lovers' chemistry between Potente and Wood is strange. Franka is about 30 years old, and could easily pass for 40. Wood was 21, but had no problem passing for 17, the age of the character in this film. Franka is also about a foot taller than the li'l feller.  (In theory, she is 5' 8 1/2" and Wood is 5'6", but something seems wrong with those numbers when you see them together.) When the cast of the Graduate changes again, they would make a perfect Benjamin and Mrs Robinson.

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I'm guessing that they changed the name of the film from Try Seventeen since Franka's character was actually committing a major felony (statutory rape) by having sex with a seventeen year old boy, and the distributors probably thought it might be wise to draw attention away from that.

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