by Tuna

This is a 2006 story about the revenge taken by a battered girlfriend on a badass Scottish-American gangster. The film starts on a humorous note, with the girlfriend (Milla Jovovich) talking about Big Al's huge dick. We soon learn that Al is a genuinely nasty person. He makes a living selling guns when he's not stealing and fencing merchandise. He is jealous, bigoted, and God knows what else.

Milla helps him in the business, but he thinks she was being too friendly to a Puerto Rican, and beats her up. The beating is very long and intense, made deliberately so by first-time director Gary Lennon to assure that there could be no sympathy for Al (Angus MacFadyen).

Four of the other characters want to get Milla in bed and are more than happy to be used by Milla in her scheme to remove Al from her life.

This film has not seen a release in an English speaking country, but I thought the entire cast did an excellent job. Had this been a third film by a director rather than a first one, I feel sure it would have had a theatrical release. The plot outline is great, although some of the execution could have been better. I know why the beating scene had to be brutal, for example, but I thought it was way over-done.


Our Grade:

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Some good performances, and substantial nudity from Milla.


* widescreen






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5.5 IMDB summary (of 10)


It was not released theatrically in North America.


  • Milla Jovovich exposes her pubic area and her breasts.
  • Angus MacFadyen exposes his generous bum.