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These three films appear together in a 2007 DVD set called the Sex on 42nd Street Collection. Remember when sex was dirty and the air was clean? That is the period when New York was churning out "one day wonder" films, and showing them in storefronts on 42nd Street and in Times Square. Down and dirty sex was a hallmark of the East Coast productions, and added to the unique erotic ambience by creating giving viewers the illusion that they were doing something very naughty. The After Hours Cinema division of AI has released three such films in this collection, all in pretty good shape considering the age and origin of the footage.

Pen Pals (1973)

Performers include director Shaun Costello plus Davey Jones, Ashley Moore, Mary Stuart and John Ashton.

Four pen pals travel to New York to meet up for the first face-to-face meeting. All are attractive, and the New York couple which hosts the gathering encourages everyone to have sex. They do. The motif for this particular piece is long, lingering blowjobs in close-up. Some of the music queues had to be removed because they were famous songs used without permission and without paying royalties. No director's commentary is necessary on the DVD because the director's comments are heard from time to time speaking to the actors! The performers seem like real people, with bandages, zits on their butts, and less than perfect teeth. The film ends with the director walking on set in the middle of a sex scene in a leather jacket and jock strap, flubbing some lines, and cracking the performers up. This is gritty New York storefront porn at its best.

Certified Mail (1975)

Performed by Lynn Stevens, Mark Stevens, Sandy Foxx, and  Ultramax. Directed by Leonard Kirtman.

Two derelicts grab a female letter carrier, argue over who gets her from the back, and then rape her. Meanwhile, two karate students seduce their female instructor. The rape over, the letter carrier heads to the karate studio, where she joins right in, clearly not letting a little thing like a rape interfere with her day. After the dojo orgy, our letter carrier delivers a package and does a young man. Ultramax does a market delivery boy. Next, the letter carrier delivers a dildo to Ultramax just in time for a three way. Another hard day for our letter carrier -- sex with two women and six men all told.

Love-in Maid (1975)

Starring Bobby Astyr, Erica Eaton, Mary Stuart and Cindy West. Director unknown.

Two guys advertise for a housekeeper hoping to get a sex partner in the bargain, and to make a fortune filming adult movies. A suitable applicant arrives, followed by a census taker. The party starts with one guy and the maid, and the other guy with the census taker in different rooms. Then both guys double up on the maid. This leads to a girl/girl, and finally a four-way. Cut to another day. The two guys pick up a woman in a park, and the maid seduces an ice cream cart vender. Then we have an 8 person orgy for the big climax. This film is most notable for frenetic cutting from establishing shots to extreme close-up monster shots.

So what we have here is a collection of three vintage New York grindhouse films from three different directors (presumably) with all natural women and nearly non-stop sex, including oral, anal, double penetration, girl/girl, double blow jobs, in other words, about any sex act you can imagine. If you like public hair so long and thick you could braid it, and sex so nasty you can almost smell it, this is your thing. The two-disk set includes a huge trailer vault and a handy booklet talking about the films.

 Recommended for lovers of 70s New York porn.


* The collection includes three vintage examples of New York storefront porn.

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  • Check the cast members in the summaries to the left.  They all got naked. (These are hardcore porn films.)






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