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3 A.M. (1975) is a hard-core from the golden age, featuring a then 39 year old Georgina Spelvin of Devil in Miss Jones fame. Somewhat lesser known Sharon Thorpe, and relatively unknown Claire Dia and one-time wonder Rhonda Gellard also have major roles.


It's a hardcore sex film. See the main commentary
Spelvin lives with her sister and family in a beach house. When her sister and her husband have a fight at 3 A.M. one morning after sex, Spelvin meets the husband on his boat for sex, as has happened many times before. This time, she tries to convince him to run away with her. He makes it clear that won't happen, so she knocks him over the side with a Champagne bottle, and he is never seen again. Spelvin has sex with a random female visitor, and with her niece, Gellard. Her nephew has sex with next door neighbor Thorpe, and Dia as Spelvin's sister has sex with her husband.
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As in many hard-core films from this era, the print is in terrible shape. Film preservation never hit the adult industry, and distribution of the DVD versions is not wide enough to justify spending a lot on remastering. This is one of the weaker plots from the golden era, but does have some sex scenes (with no money shots).

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Based on this description, with a genre of golden age classic porn, this one is a C-.

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